My name is Melanie and these days I am well established on the Gold Coast, Australia working as a clairvoyant medium and a healing channel. I feel extremely fortunate in being able to use my gifts in the service of others and also simultaneously experience enormous satisfaction myself, through witnessing the healing that is facilitated by me, for them.

I feel very strongly that not only am I in service to humankind in this way, but also to the Universal Truth.

30 minute and 60 minute readings
Phone or In-person

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Yours in service for the truth,
Melanie xxx

I hope you enjoy looking around my website. I have included information that tells you more about me and how I began my journey. I explain what to expect if you would like a reading in person or by phone and how you can contact me to make a booking.

Since seeing Melanie I feel stronger within myself. She has put me in the right direction.


Thank you Melanie for the amazingly accurate readings you have done for me, over a period of many years. You often gave me hope when sometimes I was worried there was none. Now when I look at my beautiful baby daughter (you told me she was coming) I know that you were absolutely spot on. Xxxx