Soul's Dimensional Journeying


This is not just a sightseeing tour.

It is an exclusive spiritual experience that will awaken your soul, as it travels on its dimensional journey.

Come on a spiritual adventure to the ancient sites of Egypt with Melanie Crawford and a renowned Egyptologist. 

Leave  behind the 3D world and be guided with messages from those who once walked these lands. As you travel up the River Nile, you’ll be enriched by the culture and souls of the present Egyptians, as you spend 2 to 3 weeks on a journey of discovery. 

All of our souls are longing to return to the place that feels like home, and that may well be Egypt for you, so come journeying with me on our soul’s dimensional journey to Egypt.

*Proposed tour to be held January 2025.

A message from Melanie Crawford

This is an experience of a lifetime...

I am so happy to be able to extend my warmest invitation to you, to join me on  our soul’s dimensional journey to Egypt, in 2025.

Even though this is a healer’s journey, I strongly believe we are all our very own guru and that each of us is on an individual and personal journey.

I further believe that those who will come on this tour, have been connected together as a special soul group to experience the ancient and mystical world of Egypt at this time.

Why Egypt?

My call to Egypt came in my mid 20s and was reinvigorated in 2019 when the Goddess Isis came to me unexpectedly in a meditation. She said she was inviting me to Egypt and would eagerly await my arrival in the near future. With that, she handed to me an exquisite, gold perfume bottle. As a long time collector of perfume bottles, I was absolutely astonished and that began my current desire to visit Egypt, which I did in February 2020, when I took my first group on souls dimensional journeying.

Great People.
Amazing Connections.
Stunning Egypt.

Tour Highlights

On a journey such as this, you may well encounter impressions and observations of events that will allow you to explore your deeper senses.

My wish for you is to enjoy not only an incredible holiday in an ancient land, with fabulous company, but one that will leave a life-long impression on your deepest level of being.

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Private Sphinx Meditation

Awaken before the rest of Egypt does and take a guided private group meditation, at the base of the Sphinx.

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The Great Pyramid & Temples of Giza, Luxor & Aswan

A trip to Egypt is not complete without a visit to the pyramids and other sacred sites and temples. Dive into the deep meanings of ancient burials as you receive insight from the tour's Egyptologist.

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Saqqara Step Pyramid

A recent documentary on Netflix takes you to the newly discovered burial chambers at the Saqqara Pyramid. Sense the energies of the site, that once was a place of healing.

Valley of the Whales

Be one of the few visitors per year to explore Wadi Al-Hitan by 4WD. The track is unpaved and crosses unmarked desert sands to bring you to a vast valley, with whale skeletons 50 feet long and with vertebrae as thick as campfire logs. Dating back 37 million years, they are from an era when a shallow, tropical sea covered this area and all of northern Egypt.

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Valley of the Kings

Explore this great wonder from above as you take a hot air balloon ride over the vast plains and ruins of this once bustling location.

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Nile River Sailing

Cruise up the river, starting at Aswan, a true jewel of the Nile, with a visit to Philae Temple, Egypt's Base Chakra. Spending 4 nights under the stars, you'll learn how the ancient sites we visit, represent the 7 Chakras.
Explore sites such as the Great Temple of Ramses II, Temple of Hathor, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and more.

Experience the Culture, Food, Artefacts & People

Your soul's dimensional journey to Egypt is not just about sightseeing, you will experience the culture of Egypt through music and storytelling, you'll see the relics of King Tutankhamen at the new Cairo Museum and you will share a meal when visiting Nubian home.'ll see this and so much more.

A Renowned Egyptologist

My team and I are currently sourcing one of Egypt's top Egyptologist to not only guide us on our journey, but also teach us and help our soul's connect with the ancient lands.

Guidance by Melanie Crawford

Help interpret and receive messages from the other side, with your own group medium, clairvoyant and spiritual healer.


After each day, relax in Egypt's finest hotels where you will be able to reflect on your experiences from the day.


Travel up the Nile River in luxury and explore Egypt's 'Chakras.' Your journey within the country will comprise of travel on Egypt Airlines, a luxury coach and felucca.

Egypt will touch your soul.


Going to Egypt in 2020 fulfilled my childhood desires to touch the pyramids and camels. I had no idea what to expect as we disembarked from Egypt airlines. I felt as if I was going to experience something that I never thought I would have the opportunity to witness in this lifetime.

I felt totally immersed in the feeling like I was home. My soul was restored to rest.

Melanie Crawford





Cherish Egypt Forever

Exclusive Experiences

“Man is separated into Soul and Body, and only when the two sides of his senses agree together, does utterance of its thought conceived by mind take place.”

– Egyptian Proverb

Valley of the Kings


and more...

Leave your expression of interest for your soul's dimensional journey with me, to Egypt in 2025.

It’s time to travel home…

to Egypt.