I have sessions with people from all around the world. I offer 30-minute and 60-minute individual readings that I can conduct by phone from the Gold Coast, Australia.

What to expect.

I like to be accurate in what I tell my clients and to do that I access each of my sensory abilities.


As I tune into people I often ‘see’ a timeline and can accurately take them back to a point in time when something happened to them that they have been unable to forgive or forget. When emotional tragedy remains stored within, it can hinder the development of future relationships and even physical health.

For some people, unlocking that negative influence on their life is a gift that comes from those on the other side.

As they sit with me, some people report feeling sensations of warmth or tingling throughout their body, which is the healing coming from the other side and bringing long-awaited emotional release.

It is not unusual for people to simply break down in floods of tears in response. These things occur independently of my physical intervention. It has been suggested by my very experienced colleagues, that when tuning in to individuals seeking assistance, I am able to attract energy and beings that facilitate the healing of their emotions.

More recently, as my abilities continue to develop, the healers on the other side have shown me visions of water, which usually represents emotions, within the body of the person who is with me.

In the vision, when the water level moves up the body sufficiently to spill out through their eyes, I know the release is imminent. I can’t say for certain what happens in these cases, however evidence over time indicates that there appears to be great relief gained through the release of sometimes long blocked emotions, that have often not been able to be cleared via other means.

Although I don’t have control over the way information comes to me, the range of sources of my clairvoyance is often of interest to others.

Visions are given to me, of people and items around an individual who is in spirit, which I am able to comprehensively describe.

Such information can revisit the quirky, individual nature of the person who has passed, which allows those still here to recognise and reconnect with them. Hearing information or particular sounds that I can convey to clients, or smelling and describing to them a scent related to a person or place from the past, can act as a powerful means of communication and validation. Sometimes I feel particular bodily sensations or emotions within my own physical being, that are used by those in spirit to convey a message between the living and those on the other side.

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Yours in service for the truth,
Melanie xxx