Melanie is an amazing, extravagant, fabulous diverse and divine woman. She has so much passion in what she says and does. It is her enthusiastic and humble approach that makes you feel warm towards her and she is gifted in her intuition as well… WOW she is amazing. Even to this day any question, any doubt, concern etc, etc all I have to do is message this extraordinary beautiful woman and she helps me. I say Melanie is the best use her, talk to her. It will happen, trust me she is a blessing in my life. She dedicates her time with love and I love her for that. Love you so much Melanie and believe me she is gifted in her intuition as well.


Since seeing Melanie I feel stronger within myself. She has put me in the right direction.


I saw Melanie 4yrs ago and again today. She has an insight that nobody else has. I was once again astounded when she knew things that have & are happening in my life. I now know the direction my life is going in is the right path.
Thank you, Melanie, for the clarifications and guidance.


I went to see Melanie at the start of the year and really had no idea what to expect. I have been getting readings for decades and am always thrilled when I find someone who is good and can actually read my energy. Well I was blown away… not only was she able to read my energy but she was able to connect with my past, present and future. You know someone is good when what they say resonates with you on a deep level. Everything Melanie said did exactly that. I will most definitely go back to see her again.


Melanie is an experienced and accurate reader. Her understanding of life expertise is truly second to none, and I have visited many clairvoyants over the years and found Melanie to be the most helpful person not to mention her fabulous sense of humour and understanding.


Down to earth


Melanie is an incredible woman who has made an incredible difference in not only mine & my husband’s life but every single person I know who has seen her. She is incredible at her job. She is full of love & light and just talking to her shares her healing essence through you. She is an angel and having an appointment with her is a blessing that I highly recommend everyone experience.


My first experience and I loved it
Melanie is fantastic…so much needed information and I’m thrilled with my reading
Highly recommend
Thanks, Again..Keep up your incredible work xx


Mel is absolutely the best! After a reading many years ago im now a regular and travel to were Mel is just to see her amazing talent! Mels readings are spot on and she makes you feel so at ease and like you never want to leave! Mel’s aura is off the chain, like nothing i have ever seen or felt before. Thanks Mel you have definitely rocked my world….love you Mel!!


Melanie is a beautiful soul and very caring and honest I highly recommend her for any reading she is a very gifted lady Xxxooo