A quick glance into mediumship

Have you ever wondered why some people can communicate with those that have passed over, whilst others can’t?

After receiving messages from a medium, this was my first wondering; how mediumship comes about for most mediums, and to what extent, if any, it can co-exist with religious beliefs. It would seem that the general consensus is that to be a channel or medium, a person has to have a belief system that allows the individual to acknowledge the existence of a greater Being, yet it does not have to be, but may be, attached to formal religion. In reference to this Being, some use the terms Universe, Creator, God, Source and many others depending on the ‘brand’ of belief system. Coupled with that, must be a second belief that those who pass over are not lost to us, but simply hanging out in another dimension of life. We have all experienced people on Earth who are in a variety of stages of spiritual evolution ranging from workplace bullies to selfless charity volunteers. I am sure you are familiar with the types, along with the many degrees of enlightenment in between. The same variation appears to apply to those in spirit.

Here on the physical plane the contrast between low vibrational energy and uplifted vibration is very evident to each of us in the feeling that surrounds us during and following interaction with these individuals. Certain people should be legally confined to their house on some days, given their level of energetic toxicity. In contrast to those, personal experience has taught me about the existence of beings whose energy is vibrating at such a high velocity that they are invisible to the human eye unless they choose otherwise, and their communication with humans is totally loving and joyous. Of course, the opposite and less joyous phenomena can also be true of some Earth bound entities.

I wondered also whether an individual needs to have particular talent to be a medium. As humans we each have a vibrational frequency which is determined by our quality of actions, thoughts, connection to Source and our beliefs The potential to enact that ability is dependent on the frequency of your own vibrational energy, which we can raise through meditation, selfless deeds, positive thought patterns and behaviours, and the like. Cutting a very long and complex story short, the higher your frequency, the better the flow of energy, and connection between you and highly evolved beings. Some mediums have spoken of their ability to simply hear and see spirit in as natural a way as the rest of us see and hear each other, excluding of course the selective hearing manifested by teenagers and some spouses who shall remain nameless. Many mediums say they naturally acquired the ability, without having to cultivate it at all. Lucky them, we might say. Or are they? Is there a downside to being the one through whom disembodied entities can make their presence known to us? Rude, unexpected awakenings by spirit during the night would be one irritating downside, as reported by Melanie Crawford, who is a highly skilled medium. When tired she can sometimes be a bit fed up with spirits’ antics and tells them in no uncertain terms to get lost and come back in the morning. She says that mostly, but not with all of them.

In your thought ramblings have you ever wondered how it feels to have a stranger speak through you as a medium? Mediums say they ‘hear’ spirit as an actual voice or as a ‘knowing’, and relay the messages of spirit who are very eager to communicate with those in physical form. An experienced medium may have a number of visual or other sensory codes that spirit use to signify concepts that they are trying to convey. For instance, a bowed head may signify sorrow or apology. All this clue recognition could make communication a bit like a game of spiritual charades, me thinks. Many mediums can feel and describe physical and emotional sensations within their own body that relate to the Earth experience of the connected spirit, even to the sensations that lead to their passing. I believe the skill of a medium is measured by the degree to which he or she is able to supply indisputable evidence to a sitter that a spirit is who they claim to be. Snippets of information from the spirit’s life that only the sitter would know and which could not possibly be guessed by the medium, provide comfort and proof of their continued existence, to their loved ones.

Something that research did not have to tell me, is that very highly evolved spirits can move into the energy field of a medium to such an extent that the shape of the spirit’s previous physical form can be experienced. Many years ago in a meditation circle, a very strong entity came to me in meditation, moved into my energy field with my permission, and proceeded to communicate with those around me. The energy level of this soul was so great in comparison to my own that my physical body felt numb due to his extremely high vibration. I could feel the dimensions of this man’s physical body, even to the shape of his face and lips, which were very much greater than my own. Even after he receded from my energy, I was unable to recollect my faculties for another hour or so and was a bit concerned about what I might say to police should I be pulled over for erratic driving on the way home, while still a bit ‘spaced out’. A good job I was not alone at the time.

A word to the wise: please do not dabble in the world of mediumship on your own without first consulting an experienced person who can guide you in your spiritual development and assist you to stay safe. As we all are aware in our daily physical lives, not everyone has our best interests at heart. This is mirrored in the spirit realm. Spirits who are Earth bound and looking to have some ‘fun’ which can exceed all Earthly definitions, are not to be trifled with. As always, it has been a pleasure to be with you for these few short minutes while you have been reading.
A thought to ponder until next we meet: by all means live an adventurous life, but do not allow yourself to become someone/something else’s adventure.

Love and light to each of you,


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