Contemplations can lead to unexpected clarification

The Universe delivered an interesting experience to me this week. I had been contemplating the skills of a medium in relation to how an enquirer would know if the information channeled by a medium was accurate. Little did I know the Universe had a learning experience in mind for me that would directly answer that question.

Sadly, a very dear friend of mine passed earlier this week from a battle with cancer. Jenny was a very bubbly person in physical life and I am sure she would not be adverse to me sharing elements of our recent experience with you here. As is the case for many who are in the lives of those who are soon to pass, although the event is expected, it still comes with a shocking jolt when the moment finally arrives.

Having done a good deal of reading over the years about what happens to people when they pass to the next dimension, I was concerned about Jenny having been under heavy sedation during her last hours here. Although the sedation is given out of compassion, some authors say that the recipient may be confused and dazed as a result. I do not claim to be an expert on what occurs in such situations since I have no recollection of my own previous journey into this life. Rather, I am simply relaying the thought process that I had on hearing that my friend had moved on to her next adventure.

In an effort to assist Jenny, I phoned friends who were able, to say prayers for her safe arrival at her next destination. I undertook to do the same for her and then moved on to meditation with Jenny in mind. It did not take long before I heard my friend’s voice and distinctive turn of phrase. “Stop your worrying, Luv,” she said, “I am absolutely fine.” Although her reassurance of being happy and in the most beautiful place she had ever seen, did make me feel somewhat better, I did what I believed every good and concerned friend would do – second guessed myself and continued to worry.

After a full day of engaging in some good solid worry, accompanied by lots of tears, I realised that I had an ace up my sleeve that I was yet to play. Interesting how once you get yourself into a sufficient tiz, all rational problem solving goes out the window until you calm down or exhaust yourself. The ace I remembered I had is Melanie Crawford. She is a fabulously accurate medium and a very loving and compassionate person, whose talents and spiritual connections I have benefited from on many occasions. Melanie’s reputation and positive notoriety keep her booked up for months ahead and I would ordinarily book a time with her for a reading, however this situation called for drastic measures.

I contacted Melanie in the hope that she could do some ‘spooking‘ on my behalf, related to Jenny, and I am grateful that she responded so kindly to my heightened concerns. Contact was readily made with Jenny, who was happy to ‘talk’ and my mind and heart were once again put at ease. Jenny spoke through Melanie in phrasing that she so often used in physical life, which really helped me to accept that Jenny was actually communicating through her. Jenny also shared some information about how things were for her just prior to her passing which I can now relay to her family who were present at the time. Having had my fears allayed, a bit of general chit chat was had with Jenny, as you do when you have spirit ‘on the line’, and the session was closed with an agreement that with Melanie’s help, we three would do some follow up work in the future to ensure that Jenny is able to move on.

As the enquirer in this instance, my initial question above has been answered in no uncertain terms. There is no question in my mind that my dear friend, Jenny, communicated through Melanie. Some may say that I heard just whatever I wanted to hear, and that may be so. However for a medium to use exactly the same phraseology as the person in question whom they did not know, is a little difficult to refute don’t you think? While I am not trying to convince anyone about the existence of life after death or the possibility of post death communication, I know what I know to be true.

Now, onto the nuts and bolts of mediumship. How does it come about? Does an individual need to have a particular talent to be able to be a medium? Does channelling develop over time or is it just there to begin with? Does channeling depend on an individual’s alignment with religious beliefs? How does it feel to have a stranger speak through you? Interesting questions, one and all!

Until next time, love and light to each of you, Cate.


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