Ruminations about spiritual phenomena

When faced with weighty and ongoing difficulties in life, when every stone has been turned in search of answers and no solutions or guidance has been forthcoming, some people simply give up as if there is no other way to move forward. They feel alone and abandoned and may sink into despair and depression. Others, who have a broader view of the world and the workings of the universe at large, purposefully find their way to a psychic medium to gain insight. What is it then that the latter group knows about what a psychic medium can offer, that rational scientific thought cannot? Where do your beliefs lie on this spectrum?

I believe every human being alive today would have at some time, whether they recognised it or not, been in contact with other realms of the universe. Those who are unable to believe in anything that is not solid and standing right before them in the physical realm may miss the gentle help and support that is offered by those in spirit. Consider that small voice in the back of your mind that whispers to you to take a particular course of action or the times when you have been suddenly stopped mid pace, from walking in front of an oncoming vehicle. Where does this information come from? Just as some of us are fabulous at mathematical solutions and others can produce music that speaks to millions of people, there are those who are able to tap into the unseen realms of the universe and provide a safe space for us to hear the guidance and advice that comes from another place, unrecognised by sceptics of psychic phenomena.

Although there is still a good deal of downplay amongst the Philistines amongst us, most people these days would recognise the term ‘psychic’ as referring to the ability of a person who is able to gain information from sources other than those in the physical realm. A ‘medium’ draws information from relatives who have passed on, or from guides who are in spirit and who support the ‘sitter’ or enquirer, often without their conscious knowledge. Details may come through the medium in the form of ideas, scents, visions, sounds and even feelings that manifest in the readers’ physical body during the reading. These feelings are recognised as being foreign to the reader, but belonging to the entity who communicates through them. The individual who seeks the assistance of a psychic medium may be a complete stranger to the psychic, yet unmistakable and relevant details of the sitter’s past and present, along with intimate and unmistakable details about important individuals who have passed over, may be revealed during the reading, without there having been any input from the sitter.

The phenomena that really intrigues most sitters is the ability of a talented psychic medium to tap into future possibilities in considerable detail. Sometimes even accurate timelines can be relayed to you through the medium in reference to future events, which are verified at a later date. Great value resides in information that is communicated by spirit because they view events through a different lens to what we use here in the physical. They have much greater oversight of the situation in question and also of the possible remedies for ongoing or repetitive problems that may be exhausting us.

Many of us who have had readings would acknowledge feeling safe in relating their innermost fears to a psychic medium. Rather than judging you, the medium may be able to assist you in peeling back the onion layers of your problem to find what is at the core. What actually lies at the core can be extraordinarily unforeseen. In my experience, the way spirit suggested that I should move forward in one instance, seemed so simple as to be laughable. Yet ,when I followed that advice I found it to be just the thing that was needed to change my life direction back on track.

In the not too distant past, communication between the physical and ethereal planes has been categorised as hocus-pocus, witchcraft or just plain nonsense believed only by the uneducated. Yet more recently, in my small corner of the world, there is a growing trend for well educated, scientifically qualified individuals who hold highly respected positions of authority within their chosen field, to seek out personal guidance from accurate and ethical readers. Furthermore, the accuracy of the assistance they have been provided by the reader has lead them to refer colleagues to do the same. How can this be? Perhaps a staunch believer in the world presented through the eyes of the scientist necessarily no longer necessarily be a disbeliever in the occult world of spirit and spiritual communication?

Should you feel the need for spiritual counselling, the best course of action is to find a professional and reputable psychic medium via the recommendation of that person’s clientele. Ask around, be discerning and when you find the right psychic medium for you, remain open-minded to the magic of contact with spirit. Share your thoughts and experiences with us so that others may benefit from your wisdom.


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